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What we do

Engineers are part of a team that works as a whole and because of that, their presence and consultation is essential in all key points of the investment:

Investment opportunity

making investment recommendations and/ or conducting securities analysis.

Prefeasibility study

identifying vulnerabilities in the projects and impact assessment over the investment costs.

Feasibility study

establishing clear performance and quality requirements of the projects and their integration into the design frame.

  • Develop investment budgets based on previously identified criteria;
  • Elaboration of project schedule;
  • Preparing specifications underlying the design stage.

Design process

  • Constant follow-up of the project and compliance with quality and performance requirements;
  • Monitoring specifications implementation;
  • Controlling the consumption of materials and investment budgets set at the beginning of the project;
  • Compliance with the initial concept and project schedule.

Execution phase

being present in the execution phase of the project for risk assessment and management (for example, technological limitations of the equipment, unpredictable issues in regard to the structures, execution related errors and others); delivering on-the-spot solutions whenever needed for the project to continue.

The completion and commissioning

  • Technical and financial audit of the project accompanied by recommendations for following investments.
  • Compliance of estimated costs and schedule of execution phase;
  • Tracking carefully all the activities on the critical path;
  • Preparing and supervising technical execution procedures to obtain the desired quality level.

Through our work, we make sure that all types of structures are safe and stable, while also meeting the need to have visually appealing and functionable constructions.

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We want to give our clients the best possible experience and expertise.

This is why we are in a continuous learning and accreditation process. These are some of our most important certifications so far.

  • AICPS Membership
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • EU project management certification
  • Tekla and Allplan certification

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